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Online Marketing: PBN Links vs Guest Post Links – Which links are more powerful to rank your website?

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Are PBN Links or Guest Post Links Better For Your Business?

As our world continues to shift further towards online methods of marketing, it is vital that your company keep up to date. One of the common questions many business owners have is whether PBN links or Guest Post links are better for their business. Today, we are going to answer that oft-asked question.

What Are PBN Links?

PBN links, otherwise known as Private Blog Networks, are a method of posting links from multiple outside sources. Typically, these links do not last very long, meaning that companies may have to update them now and then. Additionally, these links are often bought by business owners prior to being used. Unfortunately for PBN, this method of embedding links is often viewed in a negative light; particularly by Google. Google has been known to ban sites that use unreliable PBN links in the past.

With that said, PBN links can be useful for some business owners if they are utilized correctly.

What Are Guest Post Links?

On the other side of the spectrum are guest post links. Guest post links are developed when a business owner writes a blog post for an outside website. From there, the business owner receives a backlink to their website. This method is typically more popular among businesses. With that said, there are a few things to keep in mind in regards to guest post links.

Most importantly, guest post links must come from credible sources. A common mistake many businesses make is trying to build backlinks from unreliable websites. This is often a recipe for disaster. What this means is that business owners must conduct thorough research beforehand to find reputable sources.

Additionally, many businesses make the mistake of believing guest post links don’t require any maintenance. This is not true. Business owners must keep up with their guest posts, replying to comments, keeping in contact with fellow peers, and constantly checking for any errors.

Now that you have a solid base of knowledge about the two types of guest post links, let’s closely examine the strengths and weaknesses of each method.

Pros And Cons Of PBN Links

First off, here are some of the benefits of PBN links.

  • First of all, if utilized correctly, PBN links can get your website to the top of Google. This is the ultimate goal of any business owner.
  • Second, an easy way to acquire PBN links is by joining a current PBN network. This will allow you to quickly generate backlinks.
  • There is the potential of gaining traffic on your PBN links, meaning more traffic for your main website.

Next, here are the disadvantages of PBN links.

  • If you’re starting your own PBN, it can be expensive.
  • As we mentioned earlier, if you don’t properly configure PBN sites, Google may ban them.
  • To develop reliable PBN links requires plenty of time.

Pros And Cons Of Guest Post Links

Meanwhile, the advantages of guest post links include:

  • Blog posting can help you build business relationships with other business owners.
  • Guest post links often attract plenty of curious visitors to your site.
  • This method of backlinking is typically viewed as a more secure option compared to PBN.

A few of the downsides of guest post links include:

  • This method of backlinking is time-consuming, as it requires you to write blog posts on many different webpages.
  • Guest post links are often prone to spam, which is not what you want when looking for reliable sources.
  • If not configured properly, guest post links could decrease your ranking on Google search engines.

Final Verdict

Overall, both PBN links and guest post links provide effective options for getting your brand more recognition. It’s our opinion that the safest, most effective method of building links is through guest posts.

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